Let me introduce myself. My name is Levi. My pronouns are they/them. My purpose in this world is to solve problems and make stuff (mostly with software).

My favorite things to make are software developer tools. Primarily for Android, iOS, and nodejs development. I have built many CLIs, SDKs, and CI/CD automation tools.

Nothing seems to excite me more the challenge of a good ol’ problem 😄! I love looking deep into a problem, finding the root cause, and designing and building a great solution. All with the hope that the solution puts a smile on the user’s face. I like to challenge myself by saying, “Solve problem X once and for all”.

I believe that everyone is an artist in their specific art form. When I use a product that solves a problem really well, that is art to me.

If you would like to know more, I suggest checking out my GitHub profile or LinkedIn.

Peace and love, Levi