My name is Levi (they/them) and this is my personal site. It’s my place on the Internet where I share my thoughts and about projects I am working on.

picture of myself

“Live and learn”

That is one of my favorite quotes. I believe in living each day with joy and intention and to embrace failures.

By day I am a software developer building Android & iOS mobile apps. When I am not working, I enjoy running, outdoor rock climbing, building stuff for my house, and urban gardening.

In my life, I value…

I am a maker

At my core, I am an engineer/maker/artist. In short, I build stuff.

Definition of engineer: A problem solver. Someone who enjoys finding problems and designing solutions to those problems.

Definition of maker: Someone who enjoys building things from scratch or modifying existing things. They build, test, and continuously improve upon what they build.

I am a software developer specializing in Android & iOS mobile apps. Code is my tool I use to build digital products. I also enjoy wood working where I use wood to build physical products.

In my engineering, I value…

I ♥️ 🌏

I am an environmental activist fighting for the sustainability of our home, planet Earth.

To be more sustainable, I…

As you can see, I am just getting started here. This site will be changing as time goes on but that’s the beauty of it! I will always be putting a focus on the content with every change to the site. Come to read what I have shared. I hope it gives you some inspiration, thoughts, and questions.